A Story About an 'Ohana

of Hawai'i-Made Businesses


We were recently asked, "So what is HEVA?" We're glad you asked!


Hawai'i Executive Virtual Assistants (HEVA) is on a mission to support small business growth throughout Hawai'i in effort to strengthen our local workforce and keep local families together. HEVA seeks to change the way business is done by providing quality small business support services at a fraction of average staffing costs.


HEVA alleviates the burden of operating costs by offering contract-free, virtual business support functions in hourly bundles to local businesses. All Executive Virtual Assistants (EVAs) are experienced, locally-based and college-educated. We actively seek and work with college students, graduates, veterans, stay-at-home parents caring for children, and stay-at-home adults caring for our Kupuna.

Small businesses are Hawai'i's lifeblood. According to statistics from the Small Business Administration (SBA) 2017 Hawai'i profile, there are 126,600 small businesses currently operating across the islands. These businesses represent:

  • 99.3% of all businesses throughout the state 

  • Employs 267,769 people

  • Comprises 51.6% of the local workforce

  • Contributes to 86.5% of exports

If small businesses are growing, why do I need HEVA's services?

What is not often discussed about doing business in Hawai'i are the several hurdles that hinder long-term local business sustainability. As Time Magazine says, Hawai'i is considered “the most isolated population center in the world” – often making daily business operations more challenging than many other places on the planet.


Hawai'i Business Magazine also discusses barriers to local business in its articles, such as:

  • Tax rates

  • Regulatory processes

  • Minimum wage increases

  • Lack of incentives to provide staff training

Since we are locally-owned-and-operated in Hawai'i, we are also examining solutions for the issues mentioned above and even more granular barriers affecting daily business operations, such as:

  • ​The cost of having a physical business presence in Hawai'i

  • The price to put a roof over your family’s head

  • An entire retiring generation leaving our local workforce

  • Returning veterans without necessary services

  • Lack of educated or skilled candidates in rural areas


HEVA also knows from first-hand experience that factors like these generally cause:

  • Increases in workloads on existing employees

  • Longer-than-normal hours for managers and owners

  • Bottlenecks in workflow processes

  • Lesser-than-average returns on business investments

  • And, as the NY Post describes, professional burnout being at its highest rate in the last 16 years

HEVA believes our business model can help change these barriers to business, and more!

What is different about HEVA than other virtual assisting companies?


It is proven that when experts are able to focus on what they do best is when business soars to its highest potential. Businesses, professionals and Entrepreneur Magazine agree that “a virtual assistant will clear the routine tasks from your schedule, giving you more time to concentrate on your company.” 

At HEVA, we truly believe we are able to create a positive outcome for professionals, entrepreneurs, small teams and small-to-mid-size businesses throughout Hawai'i who are experiencing growth challenges. The virtual assistant business model has been time tested by dozens of online companies worldwide. It has proven to be successful for hundreds of enterprises of all sizes who recognize the importance of not exhausting their talent or creating strangleholds that impede potential revenue gains.

What makes HEVA different and appealing is exactly the same thing that makes all of Hawai'i Nei different and appealing — isolation. In one of the most geographically isolated locations on the planet, small business success is dependent on a skilled local workforce that understands the climate, the culture, the active industries and the active business seasons. Outsourcing business support services to assistants sitting in unrelated regions simply cannot replicate the knowledge a local resident has of Hawai'i.


This gives our clients a higher return on their investment, our quality of work is much higher, our ability to control task outcomes is greater, our training time is shortened, adaptation rate is fluid, and our client-assistant arrangement is mutually and culturally relatable.

What is HEVA contributing to local businesses?


By combining contract-free, hourly bundled rates, with a virtual location, and offering executive administration as a “service”, HEVA reduces operational overhead costs considerably. HEVA’s business model alleviates the need for local businesses to:

  • Expand their physical location or office space

  • Hire additional full-time staff

  • Pay for benefits

  • Close for holidays

  • Make long-term commitments 


Additionally, HEVA also works with the local talent pool to supply qualified candidates to rural areas without dense populations. HEVA is not separated by bodies of water from its assistants or clients. Rather, we are connected instantly and securely by the power of technology to even the most remote regions doing business in the state.

Who is behind the scenes of HEVA? What are HEVA's roots?


HEVA began in 2003 on a word-of-mouth referral system amongst local contractors sharing a small pool of executive talent during periods of business growth, large projects, economic rebound and collaborative development efforts. Today, the range of services HEVA offers and the industries HEVA services has greatly expanded. As of 2019, HEVA is able to offer its executive services to local businesses on all islands.


HEVA is presently women-owned-operated. It is guided by a family team of sisters and brothers who represent local Hawai'i businesses across the islands. Each sister is a contracted EVA (Executive Virtual Assistant), and is also a mother (furkids included), entrepreneur, business professional, and is college educated from a Hawai'i-based school.

HEVA is also professionally guided by multiple generations of successful entrepreneurs throughout Hawai'i, including four brothers from the same family who each own and operate successful local businesses. Combined, this family of sisters and brothers represent the next generation of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in Hawai'i’s workforce and know the importance of a sustainable and growing local economy.

HEVA hopes to invest future profits in educational programs to further help generate local economic activity in Hawai'i.  HEVA is proud to work with Hawaii-based students, graduates, women, minorities, family-providers, veterans and stay-at-home workers in effort to help families stay together and not have to relocate due to the cost of living in Hawai'i.

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